FITTOX 2014 - 2019


Sue Crew

I love this gym because it is easygoing, friendly, great people and serious about personal fitness and training. It cares about people Jesse the owner is awesome, honest and really knows his stuff. I like [coming to] this gym because it isn’t stuck up with poxy people parading around like it is a fashion parade. It is seriously great value and a serious workout gym.

Voula Allimonos

I’ve been working out for over 30 years and I love coming to Fittox because it’s a great environment with really helpful and experienced staff who give good advice. It has a friendly environment and is economical. I enjoy the classes and it being close to home makes it even better.

Dean Jones [Facebook]

This gym is no nonsense, non pretentious and friendly and Jessie’s knowledge of the body how it relates to working out is incredible.

Cate Smith

All the equipment I need for whatever I want to train and plenty of space to use it in. I’ve tried a lot of local gyms and Fittox is the best for value and atmosphere. The staff are friendly and helpful but relaxed, and it’s great to see the owner making constant improvements – the gym just keeps getting better!

Evan Grizos [Google Reviews]

I’ve been coming to gym for four years and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. It’s a down to earth gym with an amazing atmosphere and better yet, filled with great people. The staff are very friendly and always willing to help out if you have any questions. Special shout out to Jessie (the owner) who is a great guy and Suzie who makes this gym what it is. If you live within the area and are looking for a gym to join then this is the one you should join.

Hamid Kahini [Google Reviews]

Nice gym and great staffs. Good quality range of equipments and weights. Keep up the good work. New renovation is awesome

Elissa Kony [Google Reviews]

Started at this gym about 2-3 weeks ago and absolutely love it! Staff are really friendly! Absolutely love the classes! Teachers are great and so motivating that I’ve been going to almost all classes! Highly recommend!

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