Do you want to bring your fitness to the next level? 

Bootcamp training is a combination of high intensity intervals and strength training, In 45 minutes you will be challenged to give your best performance and execute exercises like plyometrics, lifting weights or various objects. Such as: Tyre’s, Kettlebells, weighted bags and loads more, also bodyweight drills are added to keep the heart rate pumping.

Bootcamp classes are some of the most motivating and rewarding classes, these are designed to push people a little bit further, and can be scaled to every fitness level. Whether you are an exercise newbie, recently rehabbed or an advanced lifter we will provide you with challenging but safe programs that you can enjoy. The idea is that everyone in the class works at their own pace as they team up and push hard towards one goal, either in pairs, small team or even two teams head on. 
Classes could be organised sometimes outdoor in park or in our studio, you will only need to come along with the appropriate clothing, towel and hydration since you will end up soaked of sweat.So, What are you waiting for?

Lets Do it